The Downsizing/Sale of the Smolinske
Three Investigators Collection

General Information:

1. Beginning on Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018 individual items or sets of items will be listed for sale, either by set price or by 
    eBay auction listings, every Saturday or every other Saturday and is expected to run through February, 2019.  It is 
    highly recommended that you follow us on Facebook (link above) to get updates and news sent out to you each week.
2. This page will serve as an Index for the sale.  You'll find the date, item(s) for sale, general description, and a link to the
    Facebook page, T3I Sales Page, or to the eBay auction listing where you'll find descriptions and pictures.
3. International collectors are welcome!  Please be aware of the incredibly expensive shipping costs, see below.
4. You are most welcome to directly contact me, Seth T. Smolinske, at any time.  E-Mail: [email protected]
5. I hope everyone enjoys this opportunity to add something to their collection.  Good luck!

Shipping Information (books) via U.S. Postal Service:

Media Mail Rate is a flat $4.00 to any U.S. destination no matter how many books are purchased. You pay just $4.00.
Priority Rate is available by request to any U.S. destination.  Cost is rounded up to the next whole dollar amount.
Insurance on any package is optional but recommended.  I will quote you a cost based on the value of your purchase.
International Shipping Rates are astronomically high!  More detail can be found on the T3I Sales Page HERE.

​December 8, 2018
Added a number of signed hardback trade editions to the T3I Sales Page.  More later.

December 1, 2018
Page listing original T3I artwork for sale. Also other art by the T3I artists.

November 24, 2018
Adding Keyhole PB's and Scholastic Paperbacks from the collection to the T3I Sales Page.

November 17, 2018
Some unique items from the Random House Offices/Archive in New York City. Learn more HERE.

1. Complete set of 12 Bullseye Edition paperbacks with File Copy tags.  BID on eBay.
2. RARE. #16 Trade Edition hardback that served as a "reference copy" for the conversion to the 1981 Hitchcock Paper-
    back Edition.  Two archive tags affixed.  Contains minor notations by series editor, Eugenia Fanelli.  BID on eBay.
3. #5(23) Trade Edition hardback with File Copy tag.  BID on eBay.