from The Three Investigators series

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HARRY KANE - For more info about Mr. Kane and his T3I artwork, click HERE.

Cover Art:

   #7 "The Mystery of the Fiery Eye"  SALE PENDING

   #9 "The Mystery of the Screaming Clock"  SOLD

   #10 "The Mystery of the Moaning Cave"  Not For Sale at this time.

   #14 "The Mystery of the Coughing Dragon"  SOLD

   #16 "The Mystery of the Nervous Lion"  SOLD

Published Internal Illustrations:

   Illo #6 from book #7 "Fiery Eye".  Not For Sale at this time.

   Illo #3 from book #11 "Talking Skull" paired with Preliminary Sketch for same.  SOLD

Preliminary Sketches:

   Set of all 7 prelim sketches from book #2 "The Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot".  $4,900.00
         (if no interest, will break up the set and sell individually after Dec. 31, 2018)

   Sketch for Illo #2 from book #12 "Laughing Shadow"  SOLD


   Red Alternate End Papers from 1964.  Not For Sale at this time.

   Preliminary Cover Art for book #13 "The Secret of the Crooked Cat" which comes with
                                 paperwork signed by both Alfred Hitchcock and Lee Wright.  SALE PENDING

ED VEBELL - For more info about Ed, click HERE.

   More than a dozen of Ed's non-T3I illustrations are available.
   All priced between $100 - $250 each. Inquire if interested.

JACK HEARNE - For more info about Jack, click HERE.

   One non-T3I still life illustration is available at $200.

STEPHEN MARCHESI - For more info about Stephen and his T3I art, click HERE.

Cover Art: (All from the 1978 paperback edition.) Buyers need to be aware that the watercolors
                   over the pen and ink work have slightly faded over the years.  The pen and ink work
                   is nice and bold with incredible detail. Current photos and answers to any questions
                   you might have will be happily provided.  Artwork should be framed with glass which
                   protects from U.V. rays.

   #1 "The Secret of Terror Castle"  $2,500

   #2 "The Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot"  SOLD

   #3 "The Mystery of the Whispering Mummy"  $2,250

   #6 "The Secret of Skeleton Island" SOLD

   #7 "The Mystery of the Fiery" Not For Sale at this time.

   #8 "The Mystery of the Silver Spider"  $2,250

   #11 "The Mystery of the Talking Skull"  SOLD

   #12 "The Mystery of the Laughing Shadow"  $2,250

   #18 "The Mystery of the Shrinking House"  $2,250

HECTOR GARRIDO - For more info about Mr. Garrido, click HERE.

Cover Art:

   #1 Crimebusters "Hot Wheels" SALE PENDING

ROGER LOVELESS - For more info about Mr. Loveless, click HERE.

Cover Art:

   #1 "Terror Castle"  $4,000

   #2 "Stuttering Parrot"  SOLD

   #9 "Screaming Clock"  $3,500

   #11 "Talking Skull"  $3,500

   #32 "Blazing Cliffs"  $3,500

   #35 "Kidnapped Whale"  $3,500

   #36 "Missing Mermaid"  $3,500