Hector Garrido

3 Investigators Crimebusters
Cover Artist
Hector Garrido at home on February 13, 2010.
Hector's neighbor, T3I artist Ed Vebell, is seated next to him.
Photo courtesy of Hector Garrido and Dan Napolitano.
Hector Garrido circa mid-1980's.
Photo courtesy of J. McNamara.
I hope to add biographical data and perhaps an interview or article on Mr. Garrido's life and career in the near future.  Until then, just for fun, I've included a photograph below of Mr. Garrido's only known surviving 3 Investigators Crimebusters painting paired up with an original T3I Kane painting:
To the left, Harry Kane's original 1971 cover painting for #16 "Nervous Lion", formerly part of my T3I collection, now residing in a private collection.  To the right, Hector Garrido's original 1989 cover painting for 3 Investigators Crimebusters #1 "Hot Wheels".  I thought the Kane paintings were large but was amazed to find that the Crimebusters painting was even larger, especially considering the small dimensions of the Crimebusters books!

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