A native of Webster City, Iowa, Mark Zahn graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Art and Design.  He currently resides in Minnesota where he works as a graphic designer.  Mark spent much of his formative years reading The Three Investigators, and he still enjoys putting his personal vision of them to paper in both words and illustrations.  To date he has written five Three Investigators fan-fiction e-books, and several short stories.  If you would like to contact Mark about his Three Investigators work, click HERE to email him.  

All of the art on this page is copyright 2000 - 2003 by Mark Zahn.  "The 3 Investigators" and "We Investigate Anything" are trademarks owned and copyrighted by Random House, Elizabeth Arthur, and Robert Andrew Arthur, 1996.
The following three stills are from a short Three Investigators computer animation project:
The following 2 pieces are original Zahn artwork which reside in my personal Three Investigators collection:
Alfred Hitchcock
Aunt Mathilda
Here is an illustration from the story "Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Secret of the 3 Imposters".  The second illustration is an untitled scene (perhaps it could be "A Meeting of the Minds") from a story which hasn't been written yet featuring our favorite criminal, Huganay:

Here are some fabulous images created by Mark which are based on some of the original Ed Vebell photographs.  Scans of the original photos can be found on Philip Fulmer's 3I Readers' Web Site:
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