"Mystery Trip"

lyrics by
Manuel Ortuno Aleu
copyright 2002/04
Note - Manuel writes, "In Spain, Robert Arthur was credited as the author of books #1 - 14 and #20 & #26.  It would be 15 years before I learned the truth thanks to the Internet.  'Mystery Trip' was written after my discovery of the truth but I wanted to respect what I believed at age 15."
First we were in Terror Castle
Then visited Baker Street
Seven parrots led us there
Where three sevens lead to thirteen
Then we met a whispering mummy
And a Chinese ghost in green
Then a hidden treasure
And a skeleton island
Where Davy Jones guards a dream.

Later on we asked the eagles
While looking for a stone of fire
Spent a summer in Varania
Then a noisy clock screamed for us
We found the stolen pictures
And Huganay said "au revoir"
Then a moaning cave
And the incredible day
When a skull spoke in the dark.

(Chorus)  Life starts
               In a caravan
               Moves on 
               In a luxury car
               Tries hard
               In a salvage yard
               Hangs up
               On a question mark.

Next thing was a laughing shadow
Whose laugh we came across
Then a rag cat just came in
To puzzle us head to toes
After that there came a dragon
That was coughing all along
And the flaming feet
And the crown well hid
Of a king from long ago.


There's a house that hides a picture
Down there where the tiger roars
Not far we found a treasure
On a lake where a phantom roams
Then on there came a riddle
Where a dead man played on words
We went down to hell
Saw a devil dance
On the edge of a rotten sword
But then the book just shut
And the riddle man died
Leaving us nowhere to go.