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I would especially like to thank the following for their contributions to this site or my collection be it direct or indirect, small or great:  Robert Arthur; Alfred Hitchcock; Dennis and Gayle Lynds; Harry Kane; Stephen Marchesi; Ed Vebell; Jack Hearne; M.V. Carey; Nick West;  Elizabeth Arthur and Steven Bauer; Michael Morley; The Whole Gang at the Jones Salvage Forum with large nods to AVRA, Philip Fulmer, Mark Zahn, Jonny Nilsson, Ian Regan, Robert Held and Rick Keating; Stacy Hicks (who supplied me with that first beat up copy of Green Ghost); Jerry Schmitz (who initially made me realize I ought to put my info on my own web site); Stewart Young for inspiration and motivation; my patient wife Deb; Hyde Brothers Books; Reuben MacBisto, Mentor Sebastian [absolutely no relation whatsoever to that inept Hector fellow], Zeno Vedast, Amadeus "Chain-Gang" Hogan, the Chicken Wire Lady and Granny Haskins (for reassurances and free pizza all those years ago); the Small Faces, the Yardbirds, the Chocolate Watch Band and the Rolling Stones for providing the soundtrack; Ideal's Crazy Clock Game from 1964; my wonderful 3 daughters "The Three Investigatorettes"; Matthias Bogucki; Tom Calhoun; Jackie Vedovato, John Jackson, Bret Swalberg, Mike Thomas, David Baumann, Schuyler Hooke, Chad Schoettger, Martha Schwartz, Dan Napolitano and, of course, the one and only Manny Karas!  My sincere thanks also to the countless number of fans and collectors who've contacted me and/or purchased T3I books, many of whom have become on-line friends.  This site is for you!

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