Die drei ???
I have a limited number of these beautiful hardbound dust-jacketed German editions for sale.  The books are all in excellent condition with no writing or markings throughout.   Dust jackets are all in very nice condition.  Priced very reasonably at only $15.00 each.  Compare to other on-line dealers who sell these for $25.00 - $40.00 each.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed!  If you are familiar with the American "Alfred Hitchcock's Solve-Them-Yourself Mysteries" book,  you will find the German books share an interesting similarity in that they each have frequent "time-outs" by Mr. Hitchcock where he drops hints and clues to the reader!  Buy one or two for an interesting addition to your collection.

The following titles are currently available:

#12 Laughing Shadow SOLD
#28 Deadly Double
#33 Purple Pirate
#60 Dopingmixer SOLD
#69 Spate Rache (Late Revenge) [Picture Cover book]SOLD
Terror Castle
Green Ghost
Moaning Cave
Laughing Shadow
Cough Dragon & Crooked Cat
Dead Man's Riddle & Invisible Dog
Nervous Lion & Phantom Lake
Magic Circle & Deadly Double
Sinister Scarecrow & Shark Reef
Whispering Mummy & Screaming Clock PB's
Shark Reef PB
Whispering Mummy & Talking Skull
Dancing Devil & Scar-Faced Beggar
Terror Castle pb
Silver Spider & pb Dead Man's Riddle
#60 Dopingmixer 1994 & #73 from 1997
#82 Card of Evil 1998 & #84 Devil Music 1998