Poisoned E-Mail by Ben Nevis   0 available.
Copyright 2005 Franckh-Kosmos.

Danger: Stinging jellyfish! At the last minute, Meg Baker manages to get away from the jellyfish while diving near Rocky Beach.  But then, images of the dangerous animals suddenly show up on her computer screen, arriving by e-mail and threatening not just her files, but her life as well.

With the help of Tom Wood - a computer specialist - Justus, Peter and Bob start looking for the anonymous sender.  If only Dick Perry, a detective from Santa Monica, didn't get in the way of their investigation . . .

Parental Warning:  I give this book a PG-13 rating for language.
The Curse of the Cell Phone by Andre Minninger
Copyright 2005 Franckh-Kosmos.  Out Of Print.

The hottest thing with the teenagers in Rocky Beach: enchanted cell phones!  They glow in the dark, and instead of ringing, they make a strange sound that makes your blood freeze.  But then some terrible things happen in the small coastal town - some of the proud owners of these special cell phones mysteriously disappear.  The only thing found at the scene of the crime is the glowing cell phone displaying the devil's sign of 666.  The three detectives, Justus, Peter and Bob, follow the trail of the cell phone, without knowing what waits for them on the other end of the line . . .

Parental Warning: I give this book a PG rating for the use of mild expletives.
Three Investigators Books
in English!

Limited Availability!

As of October 2007 the German publisher, Kosmos, has translated six German-original Three Investigators novels into American-English.  The books are actually intended for use by German students of English.  Native speakers of English will find that the translated texts read a bit awkwardly at times.  Also, because the books are targeted to a German audience, the characters retain their German names: Jupiter Jones is Justus Jonas, Pete Crenshaw is Peter Shaw and The Three Investigators are Die Drei ???.

These hardbound books are beautiful!  Slightly smaller in size than the original Random House hardbound edition, the covers feature bright, colorful artwork with a glossy finish.  The textblocks consist of high-quality white paper with crisply printed text and a first class binding job which results in an enjoyable reading experience.

These books can be ordered directly from Amazon.de.  Unless you are familiar with the German language, you may have difficulty navigating the site and ordering these books.  The books are relatively inexpensive but having them shipped outside of Europe is very expensive.  Your credit card may also charge you an additional fee because of the currency exchange.

If you prefer not to hassle with the above-mentioned problems, you are welcome to order these books from me. I currently have several brand-new, unread copies of each available.  Price is $20.00 per book.  Media mail rate shipping within the U.S. is a flat $3.75 no matter how many books you buy.  Priority mail shipping starts at $7.00.  Contact: [email protected]
Soccer Mania by Marco Sonnleitner
Copyright 2006 Franckh-Kosmos.  0 available.

Peter, the Second Detective, is training enthusiastically for the Californian High School Soccer Championship.  Meanwhile, a boy turns up at headquarters and asks The Three Investigators (Die drei ???) for help: Scary things are happening at his grandparents' house and the two elderly people believe that they are facing a terrible omen of death.

When Justus, Peter and Bob start their investigations they have no idea of the dangers that lie ahead . . .

Parental Warning: I give this book a PG rating for the use of mild expletives.

The Haunted Ship by Andre Marx
Copyright 2006 Franckh-Kosmos.  0 available.

A haunted ship is sailing along the coast of Rocky Beach.  Justus, Peter and Bob can hardly believe their eyes as a three-master with torn sails glides through the mist.  Ghostly illusion or reality?  The three detectives need nerves of steel as their investigations lead them to bloodthirsty pirates from the distant past.  Has an old curse brought them into the present?  

There is only one way to solve this mystery: the three detectives from Rocky Beach must board the pirate ship . . .

Parental Warning: I give this book a PG rating for the use of mild expletives.
Valley of Horror by Ben Nevis
Copyright 2007 Franckh-Kosmos.  0 available.

A woman awakens at the steering wheel of her car in the middle of the Magic Mountains.  She has no idea where she is; her head aches.  The only thing she can remember is that an Indian wearing an eagle-mask yanked her out of her car in the middle of the night.  The police have doubts about the woman's sanity, but Die drei ??? believe her.  Fearlessly, they make their way to the Valley of Horror and experience the worst night of their lives.

Parental Warning: I give this book a PG rating for the
use of mild expletives.
The Mystery of the Ghost Train by Astrid Vollenbruch
Copyright 2007 Franckh-Kosmos. 0 available.

The three detectives from Rocky Beach expected their ride on the old steam engine to be a pleasant outing.  But by the time the train reaches the tunnel through the Black Mountain, the friends are in no mood for an excursion anymore.  The train's passage through the mountain is boycotted in the most blood-curdling way.  Of course die drei ??? don't believe a word of the horror story according to which the ghosts of the men who died building the tunnel still haunt it.  But Justus, Peter and Bob have only 24 hours in which to find out who really is behind these nasty machinations.

Parental Warning:  I give this book a PG rating for the use of mild expletives.
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