Adding these two interviews in their original published Yellowback Library form to your Three Investigators collection can be a real challenge for the completist.  However, you can take solace in the fact that if you can find them, you will probably pay far less than what they are worth!  Issues of Yellowback Library are very hard to find as most suscribers keep their issues as reference material.  These two interviews are an absolutely invaluable reference for any Three Investigators collector/fan/researcher as they contain first-hand insight and background of The Three Investigators series directly from two of the authors.  Dennis Lynds (William Arden) wrote thirteen stories in the original series and the first story in the Crimebusters series.  Gayle Lynds (G.H. Stone)  wrote three of the published Crimebusters stories.  

The Dennis Lynds interview appeared in Yellowback Library issue #138 from December 1995 with a print run of about 650 copies.  The Gayle Lynds interview appeared in Yellowback Library issue #149 from November 1996 with a print run of about 750 copies.

Yellowback Library is "a magazine for the collector, dealer, and enthusiast of juvenile series books, dime novels, and related literature.  Founded in January 1981. Published monthly by Yellowback Press, P.O. Box 36172, Des Moines, Iowa 50315.  Gil O'Gara publisher and editor".

Thanks to the kind permission of Mr. Michael Morley, we present the interviews of  Dennis Lynds (William Arden) and Gayle Lynds (G.H. Stone):      

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