Mysterious Traveler

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Revived some fifty years after it was placed in the morgue, The Mysterious Traveler Magazine has returned to thrill you a little and chill you a little with some of the finest new stories from the realm of mystery and the unknown.

Five issues of The Mysterious Traveler Magazine were originally produced by Robert Arthur and David Kogan in 1951/52 based on their radio program of the same name.  This effort is dedicated to them.
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Issue #1, August 2005

Building Blocks by Darrell Pitt

The Spirit of the Law by Rick Keating

Murder of a Crow by Mark Zahn

Dusk Comes Early by A.A. Fleming

Nature's Rules by Mark Allan Reynolds

Tunnel of Love by The Mysterious Traveler
Issue #2, December 2005

Doctors Appointment by William A. Hall

Lemon Drop with a Twist by Charles Morgan

The Woman on the Bed by Robert Forbes

The Best in the West by Stephen O'Sullivan

The Infestation at Sulphur Creek by Michael D. Cooper

Cop and Robber by The Mysterious Traveler
Issue #3, July 2006

Incident at Warren Pass by Mark West

The Broker by William A. Hall

The Attic by Chris Burdett

Fair and Square by Fenna Geelhoed

The Big Fix by Pauline C. Smith

Special Delivery by The Mysterious Traveler
Issue #4, October 2006

Devil's Night by Jay Norman

Second Chance by Charles Morgan

Favorite Chair by Mark Zahn

The Fourth Man by William A. Hall

Carved by Mark Allan Reynolds

Jack and the Devil by The Mysterious Traveler
Issue #5, April 2007

Bitter Pill by Andrew Fell

Almost Like Sisters by William A. Hall

The Fighter by Darrell Pitt

A Stitch in Time by David Baumann

A Night of Purpose by Bobby Evers

Progress Through Technology by The Mysterious Traveler
Issue #6, October 2008

The Returning by Darrell Pitt

A Halloween Story by William A. Hall

Edna by Christopher Burdett

Let's Make A Deal by Lanny Gilbert

Gramma and the Movie Boy by Christopher Burdett

Dance Macabre by The Mysterious Traveler